The Principle


  1. I strongly encourage anyone who is ready, willing, and able to promote this tremendously important movie to do so by going to and signing on to help out. There you will be able to become an effective member of a well coordinated effort to make better known this coming super blockbuster (and truly historical!) scientific documentary.

    This is all completely voluntary and the amount of time you put into helping out will be completely up to you. There is absolutely no requirement of any knowledge of science to be able to assist and assist in a most efficacious manner in this grand effort. Please do consider coming on board! It is a most noble and worthwhile venture and it is really a privilege to be a part of the "official" team helping to carry it out.

    James B. Phillips

  2. Hey I have a question about your Geocentrism - The Coming Scientific Revolution - 3 video, where do I order your books at? Can you send me a link? Also in the video it is said that the guy speaking has a paper about what keeps the earth in place - is there some way I can have that emailed to me? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. Robert Sungenis PHD. just BRILLIANT !! Read his book, Galileo and Geocentrism 101 wrong, see what the experiments SAY!!, takes a little study, but worth it. ASK yourself honestly did the experiments prove what Copernican advocates hoped for? And of course why not? What an eye opener!!!! From a retired medical doctor.