Catholic Traditionalist Struggles with Geocentrism

As I read Anthony’s essay, he is the perfect example of a Catholic today who believes he knows what the truth is and wants to vigorously defend it, but in the end is thoroughly misinformed due to the falsehoods and misconceptions that are daily circulated in modern academia about cosmology, and specifically about geocentrism. In most cases, Anthony fulfills the saying, “damnant quod non intelligent.” It is my hope that Anthony will revisit his arguments after reading my rebuttal and garner a whole new perspective on the issue. Hence, I have taken the time to answer Anthony’s arguments, point‐by‐point.

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Response to Laurence Krauss on Hubble

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Krauss doesn’t know the universe is expanding, since there are about three or four other scientifically viable explanations to redshift that do not depend on expansion. Krauss needs the universe to expand because he insists on using Einstein’s general relativity to explain the universe. One of the best geocentric explanations is that the redshift is caused by the centrifugal force on light in a rotating and yet non-expanding universe...

Welcome to Catholic Star Wars: The Principle v. Catholic Answers


An Earth in the center of the universe just screams significance and purpose and, most of all, a Creator that truly cares for us. Why Jimmy Akin, and his boss, Karl Keating, would be against such an astounding possibility is a very great puzzle. Don’t they realize that if the scientific evidence puts Earth back in the center of the universe this means the Catholic Church is well on her way to being vindicated from all the jeers and accusations that have been thrown at it for the past four centuries since the time of Galileo? Don’t they see that with this new information the whole world could literally change overnight as mankind finally comprehends that the God who put the Earth in the center is the same God who revealed it to his Church and created the universe? What better platform is there from which to evangelize the world?


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