Flat Earth Frenzy: Unscientific and Unbiblical

The Flat‐Earth Society is growing very rapidly today. Websites, blogs, books, lectures and debates are being held all over the world today seeking to promote the idea that the Earth is not a sphere but is a flat circular disc. 

The reasons for this upsurge are varied. Some firmly believe that organizations like NASA are deliberately deceiving the populace by creating fake pictures of a spherical Earth. Others believe the Bible clearly teaches a flat earth. Some have even done their own experiments that, in their minds, prove the Earth must be flat. 

Youtube is filled with normal everyday people who have become amateur scientists and producers, all telling us that society as a whole has been deceived into thinking that the Earth is round, despite the fact that almost every other celestial body we see in the universe, from our sun, our moon, the planets or the stars, are round.

Some of the proofs that flat‐earthers present can appear quite convincing. For example, they point out that the sun rays coming through clouds are slanted, as if the sun is only a few thousand or less miles above the Earth.1 We must agree that, if the sun were only 3000 miles high and was only 27 miles in diameter, it would produce the sun rays we see in the two above pictures. But this doesn’t prove anything for the flat‐earthers since it can easily be shown that a sun with is .864 million miles in diameter that is 93 million miles away will also produce the same slanted rays. So will a sun that is 47 million miles away and is .432 million miles in diameter; and so will a sun that is 3 million miles away and 27,000 miles in diameter. All of these suns will look the same and produce the same effects on the Earth.