The Lies from LIGO

Robert debunks the recent claims from LIGO 

In September 2015, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) reported to the world that it detected a merger of two blackholes in deep space that sent a single “gravitational wave” to Earth. The science community used this “detection” to assure the world that Einstein’s General Relativity theory, which predicts both blackholes and gravitational waves, was thus confirmed. 

Suffice it to say, LIGO did no such thing. In fact, LIGO is one big propaganda effort by the powers‐ that‐be to prop up the battered and beaten Relativity theory of Albert Einstein so that it survives for another hundred years, despite its many internal contradictions as well as external contradictions against Quantum Mechanics. 

Not only do the LIGO claims influence the secular science community, they also affect the Christian science community. Various leaders in the Creationism movement have clung to Einstein’s relativity theories as if they were handed down by God himself. Among these are D. Russell Humphreys and Hugh Ross. I debated Hugh Ross last year and my paper on that debate can be found at our website.
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Critique of Barry Setterfield’s “What About Geocentrism?”

R. Sungenis: Although I admire many of the Protestant creationists (including Barry Setterfield) for their stance on Six‐Day creationism and their adherence to the obligation to be faithful to the biblical text, it is precisely that obligation that is ignored when they come to the topic of geocentrism. Most of them don’t know the Hebrew grammar and thus confine their research to doing elementary “word‐studies” of Hebrew words, and even those “studies” are usually off‐kilter and incomplete. The above attempt by Setterfield is no exception. As we will see later, Setterfield’s presumed expert in Hebrew, Bernard Northrup, is even worse since he makes assertions about Hebrew grammar that are quite erroneous.

To begin, I will give a verse by verse exposé so that we can see that there is more to understanding the Hebrew scriptures than is being told to you by Setterfield or Northrup.

COMING 2017!: The Church Versus Galileo

The Church Versus Galileo is the third in a series of movies, beginning with The Principle in 2014 and Journey to the Center of the Universe in 2015. The first two movies dealt with the scientific issues, whereas the third movie deals with the historical issues surrounding the Galileo affair, from the Church Fathers to the present day, especially with regard to the Church's condemnation of Galileo and his heliocentric universe between 1615 and 1633. The movie brings out issues behind the scenes with which the general public is not aware. Suffice it to say, there is a whole panorama of intrigue in the history of the Galileo affair that is sometimes as juicy as an episode of CSI Miami. The movie will be presented in two formats, one a 5 hour detailed and comprehensive documentary, and the other a 90-minute version for those who want only the lighter side of our explosive and penetrating analysis.

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The Church Versus Galileo - OFFICIAL TRAILER from Abdon Solutions, LLC on Vimeo.

Critique of the 2015 Carter/Sarfati Paper Against Geocentrism

Before we begin, let me say that I have great respect for both Dr. Carter and Dr. Sarfati. Their painstaking work against Evolution is quite admirable. I also appreciate their devotion to the Bible as the inerrant word of God. I recently corresponded with Dr. Sarfati regarding Creationism in my association with the Kolber Center for the Study of Creation At the same time, I must also say that, although Dr. Carter and Dr. Sarfati are experts in their respective fields of marine biology and chemistry, their grasp of the issues surrounding Geocentrism are not on the expert level. At many places in their paper I could only conclude that either Dr. Carter and Dr. Sarfati were ignorant of the details of the geocentric model or were misrepresenting it. In either case, it is my considered opinion that they are lacking the needed information they need to make an intelligent decision about this issue. 

Flat Earth Frenzy: Unscientific and Unbiblical

The Flat‐Earth Society is growing very rapidly today. Websites, blogs, books, lectures and debates are being held all over the world today seeking to promote the idea that the Earth is not a sphere but is a flat circular disc. 

The reasons for this upsurge are varied. Some firmly believe that organizations like NASA are deliberately deceiving the populace by creating fake pictures of a spherical Earth. Others believe the Bible clearly teaches a flat earth. Some have even done their own experiments that, in their minds, prove the Earth must be flat. 

Youtube is filled with normal everyday people who have become amateur scientists and producers, all telling us that society as a whole has been deceived into thinking that the Earth is round, despite the fact that almost every other celestial body we see in the universe, from our sun, our moon, the planets or the stars, are round.

Some of the proofs that flat‐earthers present can appear quite convincing. For example, they point out that the sun rays coming through clouds are slanted, as if the sun is only a few thousand or less miles above the Earth.1 We must agree that, if the sun were only 3000 miles high and was only 27 miles in diameter, it would produce the sun rays we see in the two above pictures. But this doesn’t prove anything for the flat‐earthers since it can easily be shown that a sun with is .864 million miles in diameter that is 93 million miles away will also produce the same slanted rays. So will a sun that is 47 million miles away and is .432 million miles in diameter; and so will a sun that is 3 million miles away and 27,000 miles in diameter. All of these suns will look the same and produce the same effects on the Earth.