The Lies from LIGO

Robert debunks the recent claims from LIGO 

In September 2015, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) reported to the world that it detected a merger of two blackholes in deep space that sent a single “gravitational wave” to Earth. The science community used this “detection” to assure the world that Einstein’s General Relativity theory, which predicts both blackholes and gravitational waves, was thus confirmed. 

Suffice it to say, LIGO did no such thing. In fact, LIGO is one big propaganda effort by the powers‐ that‐be to prop up the battered and beaten Relativity theory of Albert Einstein so that it survives for another hundred years, despite its many internal contradictions as well as external contradictions against Quantum Mechanics. 

Not only do the LIGO claims influence the secular science community, they also affect the Christian science community. Various leaders in the Creationism movement have clung to Einstein’s relativity theories as if they were handed down by God himself. Among these are D. Russell Humphreys and Hugh Ross. I debated Hugh Ross last year and my paper on that debate can be found at our website.
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Critique of Barry Setterfield’s “What About Geocentrism?”

R. Sungenis: Although I admire many of the Protestant creationists (including Barry Setterfield) for their stance on Six‐Day creationism and their adherence to the obligation to be faithful to the biblical text, it is precisely that obligation that is ignored when they come to the topic of geocentrism. Most of them don’t know the Hebrew grammar and thus confine their research to doing elementary “word‐studies” of Hebrew words, and even those “studies” are usually off‐kilter and incomplete. The above attempt by Setterfield is no exception. As we will see later, Setterfield’s presumed expert in Hebrew, Bernard Northrup, is even worse since he makes assertions about Hebrew grammar that are quite erroneous.

To begin, I will give a verse by verse exposé so that we can see that there is more to understanding the Hebrew scriptures than is being told to you by Setterfield or Northrup.